Is Yellow a natural or organic brand?

Yellow products are natural. We are not certified, but our formulas would comply with the certification requirements.

The daylight eye balm is 100% natural and the day face creams are 99% natural. The non natural 1% are due to the preservatives used, they are synthetic but approved by Ecocert or any other organic/natural certification.

Some of the ingredients used in our formulas come from the organic farming.

Are Yellow products vegan? Are they tested in animals?

Yes, they are vegan. And no, they have not been tested in animals.

Is your packaging ecofriendly? Do you use plastics?

We avoid plastics as much as possible. Our jars are made from glass an the boxes from carton.  The lids are made from wood but they do have a small plastic insert, so they fit and close the jar.

Every component (including the lids) is recyclable and it should be disposed in its correspondant recycling container.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

We do not use essential oils or any other potencial outbreak trigger . Our formulas do use calming and soothing ingredients that make them suitable for sensitive skin. But even if the products are gentle and designed for sensitive skin, you can never be sure when a reaction may happen. If you suffer from very sensitive skin, our recommendation is to first try the product in a small area (not only with our products).

Which countries do you ship? Is there a shipping fee?

For all the questions regarding the shipping conditions and fees, please check the Shipping & Returns section.

Could I return an order?

For all the questions regarding the returns policy, please check the Shipping & Returns section.