About me


I was born in Coruña, at the end of 1979.  I liked science and when I had to choose a career, a difficult task when you don’t have a clear vocation, I decided to study Chemical Engineering. I spent some of the best years of my life studying, without really finding my path.

When I finished my degree, I got an internship contract at Unilever; I lived and worked in the Netherlands as a process engineer and had my first contact with the world of multinationals. This experience was enriching in many different ways, it opened up my mind.

On my return to Spain I started working in Madrid for Procter & Gamble (another big multinational). During this period I had my first contact with the cosmetics sector from a professional point of view, in the marketing area. As I delved into that world, it soon became a passion.

A few years later I moved to London to become part of the product research and development team. This work was followed by others, always in the cosmetics sector, in companies such as Inditex (in Coruña) or Revlon (in Barcelona).

During my time in Barcelona I had the opportunity to study master’s degree in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetology offered by the University of Barcelona . For 2 years I completed and reinforced my knowledge about skin and cosmetics.

Now, after many years of research and trials, I’m very proud of introducing yellow skincare.